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The Four Seasons.

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Right, ok. Get a grip of the situation. Mad? A bit. Slightly perturbed? Why not? Catatonic state? Par for the course. What the hell is he talking about this time? Could this be a diatribe of the totally crap pop band from the sixties? Or could this be a review of the superb group of four violin concertos by Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi?

These were composed around 1718−1720, when Vivaldi was the court chapel master in Mantua. They were published in 1725. They were a revolution in musical conception and he certainly knew when the four seasons were. So, take a listen to his works sometime. But, NO, that is not what I am concerned about.

So, what four seasons am I concerned about and why is it bothering me? Well, its simple. Its the four seasons that make up our supposed year. Yes, you know, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Right, so that's not a problem is it? Well, no, but someone's interpretation of them is. And I will tell you why. Throughout our history, astronomically speaking and following the suns movement, the four seasons begin and end at a certain time. So, I can tell you for instance, that the exact dates for the seasons in 2023 are as follows:

Spring - Monday, March 20, 5:24 P.M. Vernal equinox.

Summer - Wednesday, June 21, 10:58 A.M. Summer solstice.

Autumn - Saturday, September 23, 2:50 A.M. Autumnal equinox.

Winter - Thursday, December 21, 10:27 P.M Winter solstice.

Now, what bothers me is this, for some reason the Meteorological Office setup (weather reports etc) have dumbed this down to the following dates:

Spring - Wednesday, March 1.

Summer - Thursday, June 1.

Autumn - Friday, September 1.

Winter - Friday, December 1.

Wow, what a load of bloody crap! And, that's using decent language. So, all of a sudden Spring is magically transported to 3 weeks earlier! And all of the other seasons follow the same magical transportation! Incredible! What a load of garbage this is. Why change the dates when it's immutable. What is the agenda this time? I am old enough to remember when visiting places like Blackpool and other coastal places, there would always be some one trying to sell you the Old Moore's or Farmers Almanac. Ha, ha, did anyone ever actually buy one? Well, if you did, it would be more correct than the crap that they are spewing on TV. Simply because the Almanacs use the proper times and not some made up bullshit. Note the reference to the Sun and Moon and the four quarters and the rough picture of the constellations, in the image below.

1927, far out or what? I ask myself, is it simply because the 1st of everything is easier to remember. Is everybody that simple minded that they cannot handle the 20th or 21st? I have to hope that this is not true. Now, I know they will tell you and I quote from the Met Office website: "For meteorological purposes we treat the seasons in this way because its so much easier to remember (what did I tell you!) and meteorological seasons are instead based on the annual temperature cycle and measure the meteorological state, as well as coinciding with the calendar to determine a clear transition between the seasons." What??

Well, I'm not having it and neither should you. What is wrong with the astronomical dates? Is it too unwoke for their tiny minds to comprehend? Just like the religious zealots before them, they destroy the pagan places and dates, and build churches to a mythical god instead of the supposed heresy of worshipping the Sun. If the Sun explodes tomorrow will religion save us all? I think not, my friends.

Assassination of astronomical information is not on the cards, anytime or any place. And personally, I find that the astronomical seasons are far more in line with the real weather. For proof of that lets take a look at the weather outside as I finish this blog (March 10th 2023) yes, looks like Spring does'nt it? Snow, rain, sleet and gale force winds! Learn why we have the seasons and also note the dates on the graphic below.

Just perfect, isn't it? So, when they tell you its summer on June 1st, take no notice and here's a tip for you. Do not plant out those runner beans until the real start of summer ie: the solstice. Here is another tip for you. Do not believe anything you are told by the media or governments (purveyors of false information) full stop! Don't let the idiots force change on us, when we do not want it. Keep questioning everything you are told by them.

Better still, keep reading my blogs. Its the only way to know the truth. Stay good and keep rocking. Comments welcome on this blog, good or bad, so get some in. Until next time, believe in your self, its the only way you will find in the end...

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Jamie Bloor
Jamie Bloor
Mar 11, 2023

Brilliant read , Baffling as to why it is dumbed down, although obviously a reflection of society today , interesting read either way, and especially agree with the final thoughts, fuck the mainstream media and the government, keep rocking


Kez Bloor
Kez Bloor
Mar 11, 2023

Thought provoking read and much to consider. The oversimplification of information in the media is indeed something to push back against and call out on when discovered and I had no idea the Met office operated under such wayward conditions (pun intended). Will have to give the Four Seasons a listen when I get the chance 🤙🏻

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